Lawn aeration service in Sutton Coldfield

Lawn aeration is one of the most over-looked tasks when it comes to maintaining a healthy lawn.  With the exception of a regular mowing routine, we would consider it to be the most beneficial thing for a lawn.  It helps solve so many of the problems and issues that plague lawns every year.  Lawn aeration is the process of puncturing the soil in the lawn to create open pockets.  It is through these pockets that air, water, and nutrients find their way to feed the roots of the grass.  Over time, the soil can become compact from foot traffic, mowers, and other general use.  As this compaction occurs, it keeps all of the air, water and nutrients from getting through to the roots.  Rain and other watering simply wash away, as well as over-seeding and fertilising efforts being ineffective. But by opening up the soil, your lawn can once again breathe and come alive!

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Hollow Tine Aeration in Sutton Coldfield

Hollow tine aeration is a method of aeration that removes small cores of soil from your lawn, leaving holes in the turf.  It is particularly useful if your lawn is heavily compacted as removing cores will allow space for your lawn to relax and the roots to grow and flourish.  Some lawn care companies leave the removed cores on the surface of the lawn, which can promote weed growth and clog your lawn mower.  Wylde Green garden services will always clear the cores away from the surface of your lawn afterwards.


Hollow tine aeration can be carried out from spring through to the autumn, however it shouldn't be done if the ground is too hard, frozen or water logged.

Solid Tine Aeration in Sutton Coldfield

Solid tine aeration is an extremely efficient way of aerating all turf areas without causing the surface disturbance of hollow tine aeration.  The process involves solid tines or spikes puncturing the surface of the lawn to allow essential penetration of air, water and nutrients to the grass roots.​


Unless your lawn is heavily compacted, solid tine aeration is often the most appropriate aeration treatment and because it causes less disturbance to the surface of your lawn, can be performed more regularly through the season than hollow tine aeration.  We regular solid tine aeration treatments as they are crucial for stimulating soil biology which in turn results in consistent grass health and vitality.


Wylde Green Garden Services offer both aeration options, meaning you can have peace of mind knowing that we make our recommendation based purely on what is best for your individual lawn rather than what aeration tool we stock.

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