Lawn care service in Sutton Coldfield

Feeding the lawn is one of the key lawn care jobs, as grass needs a continuing supply of nutrients in the right balances to enable growth and development.  In fact, a lawn's needs can be directly compared to our own nutrient requirements in the fact that both humans and grass need a 'well balanced diet’ that provide the essentials required to sustain a healthy life, that not only stays in good shape, but is also resistant to disease and other forms of stress.

I am sure that some of you will have bought DIY products off the shelf and treated your own lawns and found that the outcome doesn't resemble the vision you have seen on the television or the bag of the product.  This is because they are 'fast release' products that provide all of the nutrients to the lawn in one go.  The excessive vegetative growth that these products give are counterproductive for disease tolerance.  Our slow release lawn care applications ensure active root development, improved resistance against stress and increased tillering of the grass.

Our lawn care products are slow releasing, so they last for about 10 weeks at a time, meaning that you only need to apply the lawn treatments 4 times a year to give your lawn the balanced nutrients it needs.  Slow release lawn care products don't contain weed or moss killers, but we apply them separately during the 4 visits.

Your lawn requires different lawn care products at different times of the year.  Our lawn care schedule is detailed below.

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Spring Lawn Care

Our spring lawn care application encourages steady growth.  At this time of year we will also treat the lawn with a liquid moss killer to kill off any moss that has appeared in the lawn over the winter months.

A good time to consider having your lawn scarified, to remove dead matter and moss from the turf.

Early Summer Lawn Care

The lawn care application early in the summer steadily releases nutrients and the organic matter stimulates a very active bacterial soil life.  We also spot kill any weeds in the lawn at this time.

Late Summer Lawn Care

A second lawn care application later in the summer maintains nutrients and the organic matter. This results in healthy, strong and compactly growing turf.  We also spot kill any weeds in the lawn at this time.

This is also a good time to decide if you want to book our scarifying service for September/October.

Autumn Lawn Care

Autumn lawn care applications are just as important, providing the correct balance of nutrients for 12 to 14 weeks during the autumn and winter.  We also apply a liquid moss killer and turf hardener.