Lawn scarifying service in Sutton Coldfield

Moss and thatch can cause lots of problems for your lawn.  If allowed to grow moss will eventually suffocate the grass in your lawn.  It acts like a sponge soaking up all the water. Thatch is a build up of dead organic matter that forms a spongy layer between the grass roots and soil. This prevents the roots from gaining access to much needed moisture and nutrients within the soil. The thatch layer quickly drys out in warm weather and the grass will die quickly where thatch is thick.

Good lawn care will prevent both moss and thatch appearing. Scarifying or lawn raking will remove the thatch layer and moss allowing light, nutrients and air to circulate around the roots and give a healthy lawn.  Aftercare is important to prevent the return of moss and thatch in the future.

The level of moss and thatch within your lawn will determine on how heavy a scarification is needed and also whether your lawn will need over seeding afterwards.

Scarification should be carried out for a number of reasons

  • Reduces the amount of moss in the turf surface

  • Increases the density of some grasses

  • Removes undesirable thatch layers

  • Allows water and nutrients and oxygen access to the soil layers resulting in a healthier more drought resistant turf surface

  • Improves water drainage rates

  • Creates the correct conditions needed for the germination of newly sown seed

  • Reduces water run-off from the turf surface

  • Prevents the formation of algae

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