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The benefits of treating your lawn with iron in the winter

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Applying an iron treatment to your lawn in the winter or early spring provides the following benefits to your lawn:

  • Helps to control moss

  • Boosts colour, making your lawn much greener

  • Important for plant metabolism

  • Makes healthier, more disease resistance plants

Why does iron help?

Like humans, plants need iron. It is needed, amongst other things, to make chorophyll. Chlorophyll is used to harness sunlight to make sugars. In short, it’s how plants feed themselves. Plants also use iron to make some of the enzymes and hormones that control everyday functions within their cells.

If your lawn is iron deficient, the condition is known as chlorosis. Leaves will be pale and take on a yellowish tint in between the veins. As with any sort of malnutrition in lawns, the plants will be more susceptible to pests and diseases.

The video below runs you through how to mix iron sulphate to apply on your lawn:

Wylde Green Garden Services can take away the hassle and need to buy the products and tools, just give us a call.

If your lawn suffers from a moss infestation, it is important to scarify it first, as you need to rid your lawn of the thatch that is causing the moss. Remember, iron is good for moss control, but it won't rid the lawn of moss once you have a problem.

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